About CSG

At CSG, we’re proudly Albertan and Canadian clean-tech entrepreneurs operating globally.

Our goal is to drive change to smarter energy use. Our desire is to see a lasting, transformational benefit from doing so.

  • We do this by assessing energy use and costs for businesses and institutions consuming between 55 KW and 2 MW of energy, then deploying the best, most cost-effective clean technology solutions possible.
  • We advise on co-generation, energy efficiency, biomass, waste gasification, bio-digestion, solar and managed service options.
  • Our lifecycle management protocols ensure customer care and the high-value longevity of your clean-tech investment.
  • Our services save you money with clean-tech solutions while helping you operate more sustainably.
  • A customer-centric approach and expertise solves real issues and builds lasting relationships that benefit our clients.

We’re a wholly-owned subsidiary of Carbon Credit Solutions Inc., an Alberta company founded in 2008 to develop valuable carbon offset credits for farmers using conservation cropping techniques.

We’re pioneers in gathering carbon data, in one decade becoming the largest producer of agricultural carbon credits in North America. Since our founding, we’ve put more than $44 million into the hands of Alberta farmers by providing comprehensive expertise and customized client service.

Let CSG manage the complexity of your clean-tech project,

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